Respiring with Herbal Power

Respiratory diseases are together with gastrointestinal disorders the main challenge in animal health. PHYTOsolvan® with its unique, innovative herbal composition improves the palatability of the feed and supports the respiratory system in ruminants, pigs and poultry. The efficacy of the ingredients to support respiratory function has been proven scientfically and in practice. The positive effect on the air and climate in barns improves the well-being of the animals.

Pure thyme oil as one of the main active ingredients, combined with other essential oils and extracts with a synergistic or complementary effect, makes of PHYTOsolvan® an exclusive herbal formulation. All essential oils and extracts are purely natural and carefully selected according to our own specifications. For the highest product safety and reliability.

Precision and reliability

All our products ingredients are purchased from fixed, certified and leading suppliers. All processes are controlled and documented by an electronical production and quality management system: from the incoming goods through production and storage to the final delivery to you.

Your trust proves us right: As one of the world's leading companies for botanical active ingredients in the field of animal feed, we offer alternatives for keeping your farm animals healthy. That's what we stand for.
Here you can find a brief overview of the PHYTOsolvan product line for feed manufacturers, farmers and breeders:

PHYTOsolvan® 200

Premixture with natural thyme oile and "Frisian herbs" for the use in compund feed.



PHYTOsolvan® Liquid

Water soluble complementary feed with natural essential oils including blue chamomile oil and thyme oil.